“WE are living in the world of technology and it is here to stay!” Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, said when addressing the resident ladies at the Mary Our Help (MOH) dormintory at Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko.

I think my grandmother, Irau Goina must be around 90 years old but she is still strong enough to walk by herself and attend church service but she no longer goes gardening.

THE Sepik River Tribes of Papua New Guinea are some of the most unique tribes in the world.

You have to believe that you can make a difference and that you’re doing this, not just for a regular job, that you can make a difference in your country if you get these committees to work.”

Name: Nathan Bal
Age: 20
Province: Simbu
Opinion- I think this year’s general election has been conducted very smoothly. Even though there were conflicts in some parts of the country between the supporters of respective candidates, the overall election progressed well. And that is why i strongly believe that our next government of elected leaders will be honest.
As of recommendations, we the people of this great nation must learn to respect and comply with the election related laws executed by our electoral commissioner. And I suggest that those millions of money injected by the government for election must be spent to hire expatriate auditors to do the auditing for our casual polling officials and security personal for a free and safe election.

Name: Jonathan Toruore
Age: 26
Province: West New Britain
Opinion- for this year’s election, I think that the election strategies are not effective enough. The electoral process was not done accordingly.
 I recommend for next election, our electoral commission must plan ahead, set everything accordingly before running the election.

Name: Labo fuko
Age: 27
Province: Southern highlands Province
Opinion- I think this year’s election is a failed election. The 2017 general election showed signs of failure since commencement of voting which saw the polling delays. And then there was the exceeding and limited number of ballot papers, outdated common roll and not enough time for polling. And in those provinces which finished polling there were disputes aired by candidates, voters, people with disabilities and prisoners concerning the deprivation of their rights to vote and the issue of fair campaigning. This is a clear indication of how corrupt and manipulative our current government and its power hungry candidates can be in order to regain their position in parliament. This is a total disgrace to national and international community.

Name: Garo Segana
Age: 19
Province: Central
Opinion- In general, despite the minor problems faced at the beginning of the election, I think this is the most peaceful and quiet election we’ve ever had. As for whom to be declared is not an issue because it’s just the result of the people’s choices (majority rules).
For our newly elected leaders; you should not consider the needs of your supporters more than the other because you are their representative in the parliament. Be a good leader who will quest for the common good rather than quest for glory. “Good leaders shows, not instruct.”