The 2016 continuous boycotting of classes by the students at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)has brought up many problems.

I could recall clearly when the boycott was going on last year, some prominent leader commented on through the media saying, ‘after all, you students would be the victim for the event’.
When I sighted that, I said you are just being ignorant, to do the right thing.
But it has happened, it is happening and it will still be happening.
The students are the prime victim.
Earlier this year, tuition fee has risen by almost 100 per cent, like never before.
The University has its own struggle with finance to run the institution.
I am fine, go a job, working now.
But I possess a patriotic heart that keep on ticking for me to help my countrymen in whatever way I possibly could.
If I had a place in authority capable of assisting, I would definitely change everything routine and recruit the final year journos at UPNG for practicum.
They need this, to prepare them for professional working life, come next year on.
Our media organization has closed their doors for journo interns.
They said they have exhausted all resources for the 2017, National General Election and are trying to recover, at the moment.
In addition, they make funds available to recruit journalism students for field practice, only during Lahara period (Christmas break).
Journalism department have no option.
They have developed a project for students to conduct internally and they could be assessed  for field practice.
And mind you, field practice is important part of nurturing better and professionally confident voices, for the voiceless.
I wrote and my heart hardened, as tears stream within.
Can we twist and bend something to cater for the young ones to continue the good work professionally after us?
When talking to this particular student population, they said we need this opportunity and we need it desperately.
One said, if the strand could not afford to put us on market, we got network and we can make it happen on our own.
We need a taste of it, outside campus, in media industries.
As sighted in The National letter sometimes in February, this year 2017.
Journalism student are actually restricted to collect information in certain division in the university when doing their internal
practicals for assessment.
What a sad piece of statement.
Watching them, none could stand up to voice it out to the strand.
And so, they are awaiting clearance, for an internal project.
In my opinion, this could not be what it is, am thinking.
Internal project done for public relations practicum is quite okay.
Journos should develop a nose for news and go on news hunt in all organizations and places,
It is not this journos only, last year was a similar incident where student had to do their Public Relations practicum internally.
Nothing can be done to fix the situation on a win-win solution.
If only 2016 academic year did flow smoothly, this could not have happened.
But, it’s better that way, you can never miss out on anything in life, as long as you’re passionate about it.
Besides, UPNG journalism strand is just great, it has stunning professionals who train every student to become a strong and active journalist.